Mechanical Surveys

In many industries mechanical systems are the backbone of operations.

Infrared images that integrate accurate equipment temperature data are a valuable source of information for maintenance teams, allowing them to schedule repairs during convenient periods. Because thermal imaging is a non-contact, real time, fast response temperature measurement, it provides the means of diagnosing problems within a wide range of applications.

Following the survey, a thermographic report is produced detailing the equipment inspected. The report provides comprehensive details on any defects identified and recommended remedial actions. Scheduled thermographic inspections of equipment based on criticality can be an invaluable source or information.

In addition to this, by comparing thermal images from previous inspections we are able to compile a visible history of equipment condition.

Examples of equipment where thermal imaging is used:


Mechanical: 3 phase Motor on a water pump with a high surface temperature of 86 deg/C.
This will shorten life, be less efficient and could lead to a costly breakdown