Thermal Imaging Analysis

The electrical system is a critical component in all facilities. A thermographic survey of electrical systems is the most established application for thermography. Many Insurance companies now require a thermography inspection and this will help demonstrate that you are taking practical steps in relation to fire prevention. Thermography can be used to help overview the health, safety and security of the full electrical system. Thermal imaging is a non-contact technology that can offer real time fast response, temperature measurement of electrical equipment. Inspections are carried out when the equipment is under normal operating load. A high specification FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera is used to scan the electrical components. Abnormal heat in an electrical system may indicate high resistance connections, overloads, corrosion, contamination, deterioration or phase imbalances. The main benefit of a Thermal Imaging survey alongside traditional inspection and testing procedures is anomalies can often be detected before failure occurs, (Predictive Maintenance) allowing remedial work to be scheduled at a convenient time. Following the Electrical survey, a thermographic report is produced and shared detailing the equipment inspected. This provides comprehensive details on any defects identified and recommended remedial actions. Scheduled thermal imaging surveys of the following equipment will reduce your downtime, lower risks and create a comparative record for future analysis.

Examples of equipment where thermal imaging is used:

Switched Fused Spur with a surface Temperature of 163 deg/C. This was promptly isolated and had started to burn.

Control Panel busbar feed cable has extremely high surface temperature resulting in insulation failure. Possibly a high resistance connection.

High Resistance connection on main contactor has extreme high surface temperature and resulted in damaged insulation

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