IRimaging provides a varied range of thermographic inspections and reports. Reports are generally based on a “Delta T” temperature differential but bespoke reports can be compiled to suite customers’ requirements. During a thermographic inspection a thermal and digital image is recorded of each anomaly. Critical issues will be highlighted to the responsible site person with a view of instigating remedial action as soon as possible.

Reports are based in order of criticality.

1: Base Line for Information: Purple
2: Minor: Green
3: Serious: Yellow
4: Critical: Red

Reports will comprise of:

  • Introduction and scope of survey.
  • List of assets surveyed.
  • Anomalies on individual pages including thermal and digital images (if applicable) with detailed fault descriptions and recommended actions.
  • A Comparison chart can be provided after each scheduled visit to build a historic trend in temperature differentials

Completed reports are provided in PDF format and supplied within a maximum of 2 days after the inspection. 

Reports can be customised to the customer requirements using our specialist software and a full example of reports can be shared on request.